2022 Nurses Week | May 6 - 12


Nurses Strengthening Nurses

As we celebrate Nurses Week, we want to encourage you to stay strong. Your heart to care for others led you to this profession and it will bravely lead you forward. You are not forgotten—you are seen, supported, valued and celebrated. Every nurse has a story of perseverance and strength. Interim HealthCare’s President and CEO, Jennifer Sheets, who is also a nurse has some inspiring words to share:

As I think of the challenges nurses have contended with in the last two years, I am humbled and grateful to be part of a community that is so resilient. I began my career as an RN, so I understand the long hours and immense pressures that come with this role. And now, as President & CEO of Interim HealthCare, I stand in awe of the courage and perseverance you’ve demonstrated in unprecedented times. You have stepped up in every way and it has not gone unseen. We see your sacrifices and your tears, and we couldn’t be more honored to stand beside you and advocate for changes that reward your steadfast commitment. The difficulties you have endured have made you stronger. You are worthy of our deepest gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for all you do in the service of others. Happy Nurses Week!

Jennifer Sheets, President & CEO, Interim HealthCare


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